The performer of the dental services provides a guarantee, on the basis of superior experience and conditions that the performer offers and is able to guarantee exceptional quality and service.

The performer of the dental service provides a guarantee of the services for a period depending on the dental treatment:

Implants (only the product)                                5 years

Crowns, Bridges (temporaries not included)        5 Years

Edelweiss Veneers                                              3 Years

In case of any technical problems, the performer covers all dental and laboratory costs.

The service provider is not responsible for any work performed by any other specialist or dentist before the treatment.

The service provider reserves the right to reduce or cancel the guarantee in case:

– The patient neglects general oral hygiene

The patient does not attend the annual routine check

The patient is an alcoholic or a smoker

The patient does not follow the instructions of the dentist.

The patient agrees that the guarantee may be limited or terminated in any case if the service user does not comply in accordance with the instructions given by the service provider, especially if:

– An accidental damage occurs, cause by sport activities.

– Biting of hard objects

– When bone tissue or palate naturally decreases

– When the patient does not accept the instructions given by the dentist in the period after the treatment.

The service provider will cover all costs for any intervention that needs correction or restoration.

In case of failed dental implant, it will be replaced with a new implant of the same type, without additional costs, if the problem occurred during the warranty period.

In case of cancellation before completion of the treatment, the patient is obligated to pay for the service which was completed to that point.

The patient is required to pay visit by visit, on the last day of the treatment, before the completion of it.

Patients can pay cash in GBP or EUR.

Credit and Debit Cards are also accepted. transparent-logo-visa

Unfortunately we can not accept personal and traveler’s cheques.