– From the moment the dedicated driver greeted me at the airport I was looked after exceptionally well. He dropped me off at my hotel which was clean & well looked after & where the young staff were cheerful & eager to please throughout my stay. The three ladies at the dental clinic were excited to see me & after mutual greetings went to work immediately. Within about 4 hours I had a brace fitted on my bottom teeth & my top teeth were fully prepared & ready to receive 6 crowns. My driver chauffeured me around cheerfully all week & by the Friday, after measurements, fittings,etc.  I was ready to leave with 6 new crowns, a ceramic brace, some simple bleach cleaning & a new white filling. And the best part..? It was the most pain-free treatment I’ve ever had!
Adrian P.

– I had my Skype consultation which was very helpful, as you never know if it’s going to be a good place or not. The dentist was really good, I felt comfortable and she answered all my questions. Her English was good and she gave me the solutions to the things I wasn’t sure about. When I arrived, the taxi was a lovely surprise. I was picked up in a black Mercedes with a bottle of water in the car and he spoke English. The treatment went very well. I had 2 implants. It was extremely service oriented, no pain!!! I looked around Macedonia while I was waiting. I found the people very proud of their food and they use a lot of their own products, which is nice. I went up a Monastery in the mountains, beautiful, stunning. The taxi driver was friends with everyone and he will take you everywhere. The restaurants in Skopje are nice and modern. My friends were impressed that I had no pain. 

I am recommending Smile Again to all my friends. I am very happy about their work, the professional approach and the results. 

Paola D.

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– I heard about Smile Again by reading the magnetic sign on your car. I express my interest and I then had a Skype-consultation.The dentist was very confident, I liked that. I have had many consultations while scouting around for the correct treatment abroad. She installed a lot of confidence in me and along with the huge saving, about 80%. I was happy to have my treatment. We arrived very late and I was met at the airport by our personal driver and he was ready to receive us with the key to our newly rented apartment. I had to have quite a bit of treatment, due to smoking and coffee abuse for 35 years.  6 new teeth and 4 root canals. My teeth had to be filed down to start with and this took a few days. The dentist worked steadily on a gradient. I even went to meet the dental technician at his office. He was very nice and helpful; he completely duplicated what I wanted. I am very happy with my teeth now.While in Skopje I had few days to spare and decided to explore a bit. Macedonia was a big question mark to me. The Internet was very helpful, showing testimonials. I recommend Trip Advisor and Wiki Travel. Macedonia is a fairly new emergent country and the people are extremely friendly and helpful. I went to Canyon Matka and explored the natural caves. There was also a museum that showed the Macedonian Struggle and explained the history of the country. The food is “cheap as chips”, with £7 you can get a two course meal in a 5* restaurant. I returned happy and satisfied. The “cherry on the cake” was my work colleagues saying how natural my new teeth look. Michele B.

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